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An important update on the World Scout Moot - 01/08/2021

Following the announcement of the cancellation of the World Scout Moot and after discussions with our colleagues in Scouting Ireland, we would like to clarify our announcement and are sorry for any confusion with our initial communications to County Commissioners and ACC Internationals. The difficult decision to cancel the Moot next year was made due to difficulties from the ongoing global impact of COVID-19. Further details around the decision and these difficulties can be found on the links below to statements from WOSM and the Moot organisers. We would like to thank Scouting Ireland and our UK Contingent Management Team for all the work they have put in to what was going to be an excellent event.

World Organisation of the Scout Movement Statement
World Scout Moot Statement

UPDATE 16/09/2021 - We are pleased to let you know that we will be able to offer full refunds to all Moot attendees, as well as provide a small token of memorabilia for your participation in the Contingent.

The Events team at the Scouts will shortly begin issuing refunds. They will begin by issuing refunds to anyone who has a non-typical payment history (for example, paid some of the fees by BACS transfer or got in touch to tell us that their card details had changed). Once this is complete, all typical payment history refunds will be issued. Please note that this may take a number of weeks – so thank you for your patience whilst we complete this.

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