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The Moot Experience

Contingent Timeline

All the important dates from now right up to the Moot in the Summer of 2021

N.B. Following the announcement that the Moot is rescheduled to Summer 2022, please note that the dates mentioned are subject to revision.

Contingent timeline

At the Moot

Check out the programme for both Participants and IST at the Moot itself plus our pre and post event experiences.

At the Moot

IST Experience

IST are the backbone of the World Scout Moot, working alongside Scouts from across the globe to make the event happen.

IST experience

Meet the CMT

The UK Contingent Management Team are made up of volunteers from across the UK. Get to know the team.

Meet the CMT

Support for the UK Contingent

How you can find support before and during the Moot from the UK Contingent.

Support for the UK Contingent

Contingent Support Representatives (CSRs)

A network of support for all members of the Contingent – including both participants and IST.

Contingent Support Representatives

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