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International expeditions are an amazing opportunity for creating lifelong memories, developing skills and having brilliant adventures.

International expeditions can be challenging and rewarding trips for everyone involved and are most suitable for older sections (Scouts, Explorers and Network).

If you are thinking about organising an expedition it is recommended you contact your Assistant County Commissioner (International) for support and guidance, ensuring you follow the visit abroad process.

Further support can also be obtained from the International Scout Support Unit who have volunteers who specialize in delivering amazing expeditions to the Amazon, Yukon and Madagascar (to name but a few!) .

International Expeditions can help you to achieve the following top awards:
  • Explorer Belt
  • Queens Scout Award
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award

If you're planning an International DofE Expedition then you should complete a Blue form and send it to the DofE Manager at UKHQ at least 12 weeks before your date of departure.

Download the blue form.

This should be approved by your County DofE adviser beforehand.