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Ask an adviser

Ask an adviser

Have you got questions or ideas about running your section, planning and delivering great sessions, or want to know what’s next for the Scout programme? This is the page to be. Our UKHQ volunteers help us work out where the programme needs to go, and how we should get there.

Meet Niall Pettitt, our Volunteer Head of Curriculum

Our plans for the programme

At the moment we’re working on:

  • Creating COVID-19 safe activities.
  • Launching a nationwide climate change action campaign.
  • Developing resources for ‘green’ young leaders.
  • Writing activities for some exciting new partners.
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of safety within our programme resources.
  • Designing a curriculum for the early years section.

What’s next? When we’ve finished this, we’re planning to:

  • Review our disability badges.
  • Create video content with our A Million Hands partners.
  • Understand what is and isn’t working in the current Explorer programme.
  • Design activities which support the early years section’s curriculum.