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Community Sponsorship


To operate effectively Scout Groups need property, equipment, personnel, cash and other support. Obtaining these resources from others in the community - Community Sponsorship - could be one way to satisfy one or all of these needs. The purpose of this page is to provide Group Scout Leaders and District Teams with the necessary advice to establish an agreement with a Sponsoring Authority.

The Sponsoring Authority

Whether an individual or a committee acts for the Sponsoring Authority, regular contact must be maintained. Make sure that a representative is invited to meetings of the Group Executive and keep them informed of activities and progress.

Drawing up the sponsorship agreement

Together, the District Commissioner, the Sponsoring Authority and the Group Scout Leader should discuss and agree a framework for the partnership. Once agreed, the Sponsorship Agreement should be drawn up.

The Agreement should be in 2 parts:

1. The general Sponsorship Agreement; and  

2. Agreement as to property and equipment

The role of the sponsoring authority

The agreement

When all the above considerations have been discussed and agreed, the District Chairman must prepare the formal Sponsorship Agreement and the Property/Equipment agreement in consultation with the Group Executive. Model agreements are attached. The Agreements must be signed by those concerned and lodged with the District Secretary.

Both parties have the responsibility of ensuring that the Agreements are reviewed at least every five years, or in the event of a change of Sponsoring Authority or Group Scout Leader. The Agreement can also be reviewed at any time at the request of either party.

The Group Executive

The Sponsoring Authority, or the Authority’s nominee, is an ex-officio member of the Group Executive Committee and takes part in the management of the Group.

Relationships with the District

The Sponsoring Authority has the right of consultation with the District Commissioner. The District Commissioner must take all reasonable steps to ascertain the Authority’s views before taking decisions on matters affecting the Group, particularly:

  • An appeal by a Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts or Scouts
  • Where the Sponsoring Authority has agreed to assume responsibility for maintaining the continuity of leadership, matters affecting Warrants of Leaders in the Group, specifically signifying the approval of candidates for Warrants.
  • The suspension of any Leaders, unless, in the opinion of the District Commissioner, this is a matter of such urgency that there is insufficient time for consultation.
  • Group registration or recognition of a Section.
  • The amalgamation of the Group with another.

As long as communication between the Group and the Sponsoring Authority is maintained, there is little likelihood that a dispute will arise. Where a difference of opinion exists, the matter must be referred to the District Commissioner, who will give both parties the opportunity to state their cases before reaching an objective decision.

Community Sponsorship is based on three important elements;

Regular and frequent contact is the single most influential factor affecting the success of the partnership.

Sponsorship Agreement

Download an example agreement

Further information

Further advice and information on Community Sponsorship for Scouting is available from the Governance Team at UK Headquarters.