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An online webinar is a browser-based programme that allows the host to share files, presentations, applications, video and audio. It’s an ideal tool for small group based presentations and discussions.

Members prefer face to face communication which can sometimes become expensive and timely when supporting large teams of volunteers. As an alternative, webinar or online conferencing provides a cheaper solution for hard to reach geographical locations.

By working together via webinar our members can watch presentations, take part in meetings, share ideas and collaborate on work to develop Scouting. Webinar meetings operate in the same way as face to face versions, rather than booking a venue you create a private meeting space and share the hyperlink with your attendees. Ensure that your participants have prepared their computer before the meeting and installed any required plug-ins and tested microphones, speakers and web cams as required. Some webinar products are also offered the service via mobile app for phone or tablet.

A range of webinar software products are available including both free and professional packages.

Alternatives to webinar or online conferencing


Online chat, audio and video based personal communication tool where users download software and connect to other users via phone, webcam or chat.

Facebook groups

Use a private Facebook group for sharing text, hyperlinks, photo and video ideas and provide discussions.

Phone Conferencing

Telephone based system for multiple callers connected to the same call.


Pre-recorded videos can be shared as private or unlisted making them unavailable to search engines.