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How to apply for a grant from UKHQ

Before applying for funding, think about these questions:

  • What do you want a grant for? How will it benefit local Scouting?
  • Is the activity or item you are applying for something the Scout Grants Committee Supports? Check here if you aren’t sure.
  • If your application is for a specific event, will the application be received at least four weeks before the event (or three months for international events)?
  • Are you applying for payments you have already made? (The Scout Grants Committee does not provide retrospective funding.)
  • Have you checked if local funds or other sources are available?
  • Are you aware that the amount of funds in your group/district bank will be taken into account when deciding the level of grant to be offered?
  • Where will additional (matching) funding be found?
  • Is the District or County/Area/Region (Scotland) able to assist financially?

Please note: Applicants must supply their accounts for review, and must be compliant with the Scout Grants Committee's Reserves Policy. This requires the Scout Group, District, or County/Area/Region (Scotland) to hold no less than 3 months and no more than 12 months of annual expenditure as a reserve/unrestricted funding.

Individuals cannot apply for funding and must make an application through a Scout Group, District, or County/Area, Region (Scotland).

To help us deal quickly with your application, please make you sure you satisfy all of the steps in this checklist:

  • complete the application form as fully as possible according to the guidelines provided (fund dependent) 
  • ensure you have the support of your District/County/Area/Region (Scotland) Commissioner
  • only apply for future expenditure (retrospective funding will not be awarded)
  • check that the amount applied for can be match funded
  • allow at least six weeks for the application to be processed, particularly if it is for a specific event. Applications must be received at least four weeks before any event (three months for International events) – late applications will not be considered
  • speak to the relevant people about sending an email approving the request to the team
  • attach a copy of your most recent accounts
  • attach any evidence to support the application
  • keep a signed copy of the form for your own records
  • be ready to provide any additional information if it is requested

Once an application is received you will receive an acknowledgment by email. If you do not hear from the Grants Coordinator within 4 weeks of sending it, please get in contact to see if it has been received at