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A Guide to Executive Committees for Young People

Can I be a trustee?


This guidance is designed to help young people starting their role on Executive Committees. It should not be seen as a technical guide, but should point you in the right direction when getting started in the role. Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR) of The Scout Association contains the up-to-date rules of the Scouts.

Our Executive Committee’s play a vital part in the day to day running of local Scouts. They oversee;

  • the local charity making sure that it continues to carry out the purpose for public benefit,
  • that equipment and money the charity owns is used correctly for the good of the charity, and
  • important decisions are made to make sure the charity continues to run within the rules.

As a young person in the Scouts, it’s important you can be represented and be engaged in decision making at all levels.

Can I be a trustee?

All members of Executive Committees are charity trustees which hold important legal responsibilities and requirements. You cannot be a member of the Executive Committee if you are disqualified from being a charity trustee by the Charities Acts.

POR sets out who may not act as a charity trustee. Subject to regulatory waiver provisions this includes anyone who:

  • has an unspent conviction for an offence involving dishonesty or deception; or
  • has unspent convictions for the offences of misconduct in a public office; or
  • has unspent convictions for bribery, or money laundering, or perjury or perverting the course of justice or terrorism; or
  • is found guilty of attempting, aiding or abetting the above offences; or
  • has been found in contempt of court; or
  • is designated under terrorist asset-freezing legislation; or
  • is on the sex offenders’ register; or
  • is currently declared bankrupt (or is subject to bankruptcy restrictions or an interim order or sequestration in Scotland) or has an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) with creditors; or
  • is disqualified from being a company director; or
  • has previously been removed as a trustee from any charity by any charity regulator in the UK (or a court) due to misconduct or mismanagement; or
  • is disqualified from being a trustee by an order of the Charity Commission for England and Wales, the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator or the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland.

Anybody else can be a charity trustee within the Scouts. All Youth Commissioners are ex-officio members of their local District or County Executive Committees. All District and County Executives should have at least two young people (18-25 year olds) on them -and one of these could be you.

If you're under 18, you cannot act as a charity trustee. However, you can have a full role in any sub-committee of the Executive Committee.