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Planning your programme

Find activities and develop key skills

Find activities for your sessions

You don’t have to be an ideas machine to run a Scout night. All you need is a little
enthusiasm and this handy A-Z guide.

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Running adventurous activities

We’re known for our love of adventure, which is why the ideal Scout programme includes a
healthy dose of thrill seeking, whether you’re outside or in.

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Working towards awards and badges

Set a goal, smash a goal, and get the badge to prove it. It’s never too early to learn the joys of personal achievement.

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International Scouts

Whether you’re swotting up on global issues or boarding the plane for an exciting expedition, it’s time to connect with the big, wide world.

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A million hands

A Million Hands gives all Scouts a chance to help make their community a better place.

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Programme Planning Tool

Our new planning tool helps plan anything from a single session to a full multi-year programme. It even has ready made sessions, terms and full programmes.

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Planning tool-torials

Coming soon - Quick hints and tips to help you start using the new programme planning tool.

Guidance on best practice

Planning and delivering a fulfilling programme is easier than you think. Here are some tips for getting it right.

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