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Changes to Resources

Updated 2 October 2020

POR Updates

A number of updates have been made to POR to align our policies and rules with the changes we have made to our training scheme. 

A key update is to the Appointments: Table 2. This has been significantly expanded to list all of the roles available for members to be appointed to. It provides clarity on the appointment processes for each role, the training requirements and is more specific on role titles and requirements across the nations. 

You can find out more detail on all the changes in the full document of POR.

Module Matrix

The Module Matrix document has been updated to reflect the changes to the Training Scheme. 

Download a copy

Find out more about the changes being made.

Training Workbooks

There are workbooks available, as a method of learning, by exception, for the Safety, Safeguarding, Essential Information and Trustee Introduction training. 

The online independent training should be completed, as the default method by members wherever possible. 

Where, for accessibility reasons, members cannot complete this training independently using the online learning someone, such as a line manager, Training Adviser, Local/County/Area/Region (Scotland) Training Manager could support them through it online or exceptionally by completing the workbook. 

If this is required, please contact your Training Manager who will be able to support you.  

Training Adviser's Guides

The following resources have been updated:

Adult Training Scheme

Information for Training Managers