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Fundamentals Details

This document contains detailed information on the fundamentals of Scouting. This may be of particular interest to trainers who deliver Module 5: Fundamental Values of Scouting.



Our fundamentals were reviewed in 1999 as part of the introduction of the revised programme. Subsequently it was felt appropriate to consider
another review some twelve years later in 2011. The fundamentals were considered over three years. There were many people involved in the consultation that led to the current fundamentals including face-to-face discussions with young people at a number of events around the UK and electronic survey responses from adults. The key outcomes of consultation period were to:

a) make the expression of our fundamentals simpler and therefore easier to understand; and
b) ensure that our fundamentals reflect what Scouting is trying to achieve in today’s society in the United Kingdom.

Why are the fundamentals important?

Our fundamentals describe what we are trying to achieve and how we achieve it. The fundamentals essentially dictate the type of organisation that we are.

Our fundamentals are not purely a matter of some words in a few documents. Our fundamentals shape the way that we Scout in the United Kingdom including the need for them to be reflected in the Movements policies and procedures. It's also important to remember that the Promise and Law have always been expressions of our fundamentals (not the other way around) in wording that was felt to be appropriate for the age range and in the context of the present society.