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Inclusion Learning and Training

Find out what Inclusion learning and training is available so you can continue delivering inclusive scouting.

At the Scouts, we want our volunteers to be able to support young people in an inclusive way which is why we offer two core modules to help them in their journey. For further information speak to your training manager. 

Our Inclusion volunteer training team are a part of the wider National Inclusion team and are also currently working on developing key training around Inclusion topics. More information to be shared in 2021. 

Scouting for all

The module aims to help participants to develop a general understanding of inclusion topics and how to provide inclusive Scouting for all.

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Adjustments to Scouts

This module has a particular focus on exploring disabilities. It will help you gain a better understanding of how to facilitate and make reasonable adjustments in Scouts, in a way that’s constructive and effective.

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