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Including everyone

Scouts is a diverse movement and membership is open to all those who share our fundamental values.

We're all unique and have different characteristics and beliefs. These pages include information about some of those characteristics/beliefs.

It's important to remember not to label individuals. It's natural that adults and young people will identify with many different characteristics. Working together we can help to fight prejudice and discrimination and celebrate our diversity.


Find out all about attending Pride events with Scouts, support for LGBT+ members and supporting Trans volunteers through the Appointment and Vetting process.

Learn more about LGBT+

Faiths and Beliefs

Scouts is an inclusive, values based movement, which supports its members to engage with spirituality in a meaningful way.

Learn more about Faiths and Beliefs

Girls and Women in Scouts

Find out how we celebrate girls and women in Scouts. 

Learn more about Girls and Women in Scouts

Race and Ethnicity

Information coming soon related to Race and Ethnicity. In the interim, check out our information on Black History Month.

Learn more about Black History Month