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Supporting local Scouting

The Regional Services Team supports key line managers in growing and developing Scouting at a local level. We work with existing and new volunteers to enable more young people to benefit from the opportunities, skills and adventures which Scouting offers.

The Regional Services Team (RST) are the Scouts field based staff team that provide direct support to Scouting across England. The team are experts at growth and development and support local Scouting  to:

  • Induct key line managers
  • Recruit and retain volunteers and youth members
  • Support communities to open new Scouting provision
  • Ensure the sustainability of existing Scouting provision

The team have realigned their support to local Scouting following the impact of Covid-19 on local Scouting. Support is available through the growth materials on this site as well as providing tailored local support in seven key areas. You can read more details about the support on offer below and request support using our online support form. If in doubt drop your request on the form and one of the team will get back to you to find out more.

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