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Creating a buzz around your online meetings

Online Re-launch

Once you've contacted your parents and had those conversations, it's time to get started again! We need to create the same excitement about coming to Zoom meetings as we do when we meet at Scouts face to face.

Tell parents/carers what you are doing using lots of media, not just one - Facebook, email, text messages, even a printed newsletter popped through the door. Remember parents/carers may be working and home schooling and we know that can be a stressful combination, so we need Scouts to look and feel like a fun break from the pressure.

Here's some tips on how to get everybody excited about Scouting again.

Keeping it going

One Group who has particularly competitive parents/carers published an image on the closed Facebook page of a Beaver with their pet and congratulated them with digital certificate for doing their Animal Friend Badge. Within 24 hours many other parents/carers contacted the leader about how their child could do that award. Ongoing Facebook engagements and photographs, showcasing badges achieved at home, then meant they had full numbers at the next Zoom meeting too!

If you have an external Facebook page consider using it so showcase what you are doing online, on other local community pages. We have a group that has recruited adults and young people who found the Scouts website because local schools were not offering any online engagement or limited activities.

Don’t forget to share the badge info on the Scouts website with parents and explain how easily they link into everyday activities. They might be really happy to know doing the washing up for a week can help towards a badge at Cubs. Or to encourage Beavers to learn to ride a bike for their Personal Challenge.

If you don’t run online digital activities for your section and you want some advice about activities and what might work well, check out the Scouting at home pages, and these webinars where leaders talk about programme activities they have used.

What to do if things go wrong

This is a short list of things that may go wrong during your online meetings and what you can do about it. There are two sections to look at; one section covering technical issues and the other section covering practical issues. 

Getting everyone back together safely

Remember, before face to face Scouting can restart you must have been given approval, and you must follow the guidance online.

Read the guidance