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Re-engaging young people

Some advice and tips on how to re-engage Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers.

Re-engaging Young People

It’s great you are thinking about re-engaging young people into Scouting and have decided to run either an online or socially distanced programmeWhen you are ready, have a chat with families to invite the young people back. You will know which is the best method of contact 

You may find that some people will be eager to get their children back to Scouting whether online or socially distanced, but for others personal circumstances may prevent them from joining in straight away.  

  • People may want to return  
  • People may not want to return at all  
  • People are waiting for face-to-face Scouting to return 
  • People may be wary of using technology   
  • Local Covid restriction may prevent them from joining in face-to-face 

The ideas below will help in framing the conversation with families to get as many young people back as possible.  

Conversations with families


Now you've contacted your parents/carers and everyone is keen to get going again, its time to plan and launch your online meetings!

Tools to support you

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