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Bring a friend

If you have a few spaces in your section but you’re a little anxious about a big recruitment drive that could mean you end up with a huge waiting list, then a ‘Bring a Friend’ evening is a great way to get a few new members. 

Ask your young people to invite a friend who’s the right age for the section to come with them to the next meeting. As part of your creative session, the young people could all make invitations or flyers advertising the event to give to their friends, or badges to welcome them. 

On the night, run an easy, fun programme that everyone can join in with. Rocket building or a games night work well.  At the end of the session, give the potential new members’ parents some information about the Group and how they can join. Explain that there’s no big commitment - they can give it a try for a few weeks first if they’re not sure.

Why not think about how to say thank you to the young people for bringing their friends? You might want to give out a certificate or prize to those who brought a new person along - your County or District might have a ‘Buddy Badge’ you could use.

If you’re also looking for volunteers, you could try a ‘Bring an Adult’ evening. Encourage young people to bring a parent, carer, relative or friend for a fun evening of Scout activities. Get the adults involved in the activities so they can see what Scouts is all about. As they leave, have a word in their ear about giving the four week challenge a go.


Checklist For Recruiting Young People (1)
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