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Recruiting and retaining young people

Getting ready to recruit? 

What things should you think about?

  • What do you need? More volunteers? More young people?
  • What does it look like around you? What’s going on in the community? New schools? New housing estates? Specific social groups? What does the community need? 
  • Do people know where you are and what you do?
  • First impressions count. Are you welcoming? Easy to find?

Get ready to recruit

Filling empty spaces

Every week we give young people the skills they need for school, college, university, the job interview, the important speech, the tricky challenge and the big dreams: the skills they need for life.

You’ve got leaders and you’ve got space so you want to give more young people the opportunity to join. Have you thought about:

Recruit more young people

Keeping young people

We would like every young person to be part of the Scouts for life. We want to empower and inspire them to be do-ers and give-it-a-goers, and to go on to be the tidy-uppers and supporters for the next generation of Scouts.

Are you losing young people from your sections? Do you know why? Do they get distracted by other activities and clubs? Have you thought about how you could help prevent them from leaving?

Wondering where to begin? These ready-made resources will help you keep young people engaged.

Keep young people engaged

Do you need some help?

Please contact the scout information centre who will forward your enquiry to the best person to support you on 0345 300 1818 or click here for the live chat.

New places for young people

There are lots of reasons to open new Groups and new sections in existing Groups.

  • a long waiting list
  • missing sections in your Group
  • providing Scouting where there isn’t any
  • responding to changes in your community like a new school or housing estate
  • making Scouting accessible to different parts of your community like opening a section tailored to the Muslim community or starting up a new Group at a Special Educational Needs school.

Think about the needs in your community. Would opening a new Group or section mean that more young people in your community could join Scouting? 

If you’ve decided that, yes, you’d like to open a new Group or section, don’t panic about not having enough volunteers. The new provision process will help you recruit the volunteers you’ll need and get your new Group or section up and running.

Alternatively if you have a small waiting list, why not check out our quick guide to dealing with a waiting lists.

How to keep young people engaged

Making sure that you are providing a quality programme is crucial to keeping your sections going. 

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How to recruit more young people

Need more foot-stomping, fun-loving, skills-hungry young people? Follow these simple tips and use these ready-made resources to help you fill those empty seats.

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