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Vacancy boards

If your Group needs more volunteers a vacancy board is a great way to let adults know how they can help out.

Have a think about the tasks that you need help with. You’ll have lots more success if you advertise for help with a specific task rather than for a role. For example, if you need more adult help in the Beaver section, you might advertise for someone to do craft activities, someone who can keep records or take subs, and someone who is great at playing games rather than simply for a ‘Beaver leader’.

Once you’ve written your vacancy cards (you can find these editable cards along with the vacancy board templates on the brand centre), use them to advertise the task you need doing in lots of places, on Facebook, on your website and, of course, on your vacancy board.

How to make your vacancy board work: 

  • Be creative about where you put your vacancy board - it needs to be somewhere where adults/parents can’t miss it.
  • If you don’t have your own meeting place you could use an “A” board which can be folded up and put away after each meeting.
  • Think about the tasks that you need doing and the skills needed to do that task.
  • Change the position of your advert cards to keep it looking fresh, especially if the board is somewhere that the same adults will see it regularly. If it looks fresh, they’ll keep checking it for new opportunities!
  • Move the vacancy board around – put it up in other community spaces to attract a wider audience. Have a chat with local businesses. Would the local chippy allow you to put it there one Friday evening?
  • Make sure someone in the team is responsible for the vacancy board so that it doesn’t get forgotten. 
  • Make the adverts fun! The ‘How we talk’ guide will be a huge help to you when you’re writing your adverts.