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shopping list of potential volunteers

Recruiting new volunteers - name generation

Sometimes when we’re looking for a more specific role to be filled, for example Group Secretary, Treasurer or Group Scout Leader, we find it difficult to work out who to ask. We know these roles need specific skills and generating a list of names of people who may have those skills can help you find the right person.

Invite a number of people who are not connected to the Group to a name generation evening. It’s really easy to do. The group doesn’t have to just be made up of existing Scouts – try other members of the community – the head teacher of a local school, PTA members, the local PCSO etc. Don’t forget, Explorers and Network members will also know lots of potential volunteers. We don’t want them to volunteer but to nominate people who they think you could ask to get involved.

Your list of potential volunteers can include both people new to Scouting, and a selection of old hands. Don’t write people off just because you think they may be too busy or not interested – they might surprise you.

Top Tips

  • Meet somewhere where everyone is relaxed and comfortable.
  • Ensure you offer light refreshments and explain that you aren’t asking them to volunter - you just want their connections!
  • Remind them that suggesting someone for the list doesn’t commit that person to anything.
  • Think about different ‘types’ of people – teachers, parents, local business people.
  • Encourage lots of discussion about the skills needed and the people they know that have those skills.
  • It can be helpful to have some prompts, for example, a role description, a list of local people, the phone book, the Scout directory.
  • You may find you can recruit a few people to carry out the tasks you need doing rather than one person for a specific role.