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Recruiting Managers

Great managers aren't always easy to find, but check out our search tips to help you find some.

We’ve created a bank of useful resources to make recruiting for managers in Scouting as straight-forward and stress-free as possible. 

Search guides are available for each role, and are designed to support the search team through each stage of the process. The Regional Services Team are also always around to help. Get in touch with the Resource Officer by contacting the Information Centre on 0345 300 1818 or /

Using resources remotely:

We have added some extra details about using the Search tools remotely. Although relevant whilst social distancing is in place many of the tips will be useful even when things return to normal.

Recruitment resources:

Search packs

GSL Search Pack
DOCX – 1.2MB
DC Search Pack
DOCX – 1.2MB

For a CC search pack, please get in touch with your AGDM or

Vacancy packs

Useful for promoting the role, especially to external audiences.

GSL Vacancy Pack
DOCX – 3.2MB
DC Vacancy Pack
DOCX – 3.2MB
CC Vacancy Pack
DOTX – 3.2MB


Application Forms

Application Form For GSL
DOCX – 37.7KB
Application Form For DC
DOCX – 38.1KB
Application Form For CC
DOCX – 38.2KB


Nomination Forms

Nomination Form For GSL
DOCX – 26.1KB
Nomination Form For DC
DOCX – 38.3KB
Nomination Form For CC
DOCX – 38.9KB

For sample interview questions please contact

Supporting multiple searchespresentation and programme to use at a District all members meeting for a DC Search

Useful links: