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Group get togethers

Hosting a get together is a great way to get your existing parents and local people through the door and turn them into get-up-and-go-er’s for your Group. They are an opportunity to get those already involved to do more or new adults to join the team - keep your vacancy board handy to grab people’s attention.

You could run these in a number of ways:

  • like an open event - run a few different bases to engage with parents at each one
  • a separate café where you can speak to parents during an existing event like the AGM
  • an opportunity for sections to earn badges
  • combine the Bistro, Café and Supper into one event for the whole Group
  • use special days like Mothers/Fathers Day, Pancake Day and religious festivals
  • Parents or awards evening for giving badges or certificates

Remember to get your young people to help with the running of the event - it can be a fun way to include parents/carers and inspire them to get involved.