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Family rotas

Many hands make light work. Get the whole family involved and helping out at sessions by creating a family rota. The rota could be something that parents/carers sign up to voluntarily when their children join the Group. It’ll make your load a little lighter and help them to feel a part of the Scouts community. It’s also a great way to find people who would like to volunteer officially. 

Talk to parents/carers about what they enjoy doing and whether they have specific skills the Group could use and don’t forget to share the session plan with them. You may want to ask adults to complete a skills audit. If an adult can’t help at weekly sessions then perhaps they could help in other ways such as managing the rota. 

You may prefer to use a sign-up sheet or allocate specific session slots. Be sure that you will need the extra help on the night - you don’t want an adult to turn up and have nothing to do.

A family rota is a great way to identify those adults who have the skills that would make them a great volunteer, the sort who rolls up their sleeves and get stuck in so do use it to identify those adults that you may want to ask to take the 4 week challenge and really see what scouts can offer them.

And don’t forget - a big thank you goes a long way!

Follow these links to an example of a rota as well as a guide to being a family helper and a parent letter template.


Family rota myths

Helpful tools

Family Rota Handout
PDF – 69.2KB
Family Rota Template
PDF – 66.0KB
Family Rota Email Template
DOCX – 12.9KB
Volunteering FAQs
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