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How to run an adult talk

You will need:

  • a laptop with the PowerPoint presentation and films saved on it
  • a projector
  • an extension lead
  • a screen or check that a clean pale wall is available
  • a contact sheet
  • pens
  • drinks/snacks
  • if you're opening a new section and you have more than one night available at your venue, then poll the parents to find out which night would suit them best. If only one night is available, then explain that to them upfront.
  • Section Parent Guides/Yellow Cards/Purple Cards/Safe Scouting Guides/ Training Module Leaflets /Adult Information Forms/Trustee Leaflets/Vacancy Board with opportunities/Family Surveys

Beforehand at the venue

  • Set up the PowerPoint before adults arrive (with the welcome slide on screen)
  • Set up the films ready to play on the laptop at appropriate times
  • Set out chairs
  • Make sure drinks are available for parents when they arrive
  • Lay out resources on a table

Session Plan

Your talk could follow this format:

  • Thank you for attending and introductions
  • Set the scene using a video – use a short video like Nat’s story, Ted’s story or Paths which you can find on the brand centre.
  • Your next step depends on what you’re hoping to achieve - an adult talk at an open evening for a new section might start with asking people whether they and their young people have had fun so far? At an AGM, you might talk about what the Group has achieved that year and what opportunities there are for other people to get involved.
  • Myth busting – talk about tasks not titles or role, flexible volunteering, the fact that everyone has something to offer and not all opportunities involve uniform or young people, and the time people can give can be as much or as little as they want (e.g.
    Beaver section runs for an hour, not even enough time to get home and make a cup of tea, so why not stay and have some fun too?) Show them the vacancy board and explain any vacancies. ( link to Vacancy Board explanation)
  • Support available and next steps – explain the next stages and what support will be available. This could include a meeting the following week to go into volunteering in more depth with adults who’ve shown an interest. This may include DBS checks depending on the circumstances. Explain the Four Week Challenge and invite interested adults into an existing section to see what Scouting is all about. You could also plan some taster sessions and explain how that will work.
  • Questions – give them the opportunity to ask questions
  • Call to action – explain clearly what you’d like the adults in the room to do next:
    • Sign up on a contact sheet
    • Speak to the team for more information
    • Check out the resources available
    • Sign up for the Four Week Challenge

Have a look at the Open Event pages and Email and Phone Script for follow ups.

Adult Parents Talk Session Plan
PDF – 85.4KB


Remind adults what a wonderful experience volunteering is and how much you’re looking forward to welcoming them as part of the team.