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4 Week Challenge

The Four Week Challenge is a test drive of Scouting. It’s a try-before-you-buy with no commitment to see if volunteering is right for you.

We want it to be easy - a gradual introduction over four weeks that shows new volunteers how much they can get out of volunteering at the Scouts - new skills, new friendships, new experiences, and a sense of making a difference to the lives of young people in their community.



The challenge

Volunteering FAQs
PDF – 81.5KB
A Leaders Guide To Running The Four Week Challenge
PDF – 500.0KB

What’s next?

If they say yes...

Brilliant news! This is just the beginning of their time as a scout volunteer so link them up with a mentor who can support and encourage them. 

Get them started by following the appointments process. You’ll need to register them on Compass and request a disclosure

Please make sure they have a welcome pack, explain the training scheme to them and order them a uniform.

If they say maybe...

Find out what they are unsure about and if there’s anything you can do to help. You could offer alternatives such as doing the Challenge again with a different section. Give them some time and space to think about whether or not the Scouts is for them.

If they say no...

See if you can find out why they have made this decision and if there’s anything you can do that might make a difference. Would they prefer a different role, perhaps on the Executive Committee? Ask them if they would consider doing the Challenge again in the future but respect their choice if it’s still a no.  

Challenge posters and flyers

Download posters and flyers to help spread the word about the 4 Week Challenge from the Scouts Brand Centre.

Visit brand centre

Planning your programme

You don't need a special programme to run the four week challenge you just need to make sure its simple for your new adults to get stuck in.

To make it even easier check back soon for our sample programme that will be available on the digital programme tool.