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Recruiting and retaining volunteers

The dream is to have plenty of volunteers sharing the load. To make this happen, you need to think about recruitment all the time, not just when someone leaves. 

Recruiting volunteers

When you need to recruit new volunteers it can be helpful to think about the tasks that need completing rather than the role you want to fill - you might find two or three people carrying out the tasks flexibly works better than recruiting one ‘leader’.

We’ve created some helpful advice and tools which are designed to make finding new volunteers less challenging. Using people’s skills and interests as a starting point means you get people who really enjoy the experience of volunteering. And only being asked to do a few tasks that fit within your skillset can make volunteering seem much less scary, especially to someone totally new to Scouting. 

We all love being part of a team so this is also really important to remember: focus on teams rather than titles. And remember, once they’ve joined make sure you keep them happy and show them the best that Scouting has to offer. 

Focus on retention

Being recognised and rewarded helps volunteers to feel motivated and valued. Someone who feels valued as a volunteer is more likely to stick around and to look for ways to learn new skills and get more involved. This commitment is how we provide quality programmes for our young people.

Getting ready to recruit

Are you ready to recruit? What should you think about before you start? Do people know where you are and what you do?  First impressions count make sure you are ready to welcome new people.

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Six simple steps for recruiting volunteers

Need some hands-on, full-of-energy, good-at-getting-stuff-done adults to join your team? Follow these six simple steps.  Complete with socially distanced and virtual tools.

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Four ways to keep amazing volunteers

You’ve recruited a great bunch of adults who work well together. But how do you keep them happy and motivated so they continue to volunteer with you?

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Recruiting from a distance

We know that COVID-19 has presented us with a unique set of challenges, and we need more adults to help us deliver Scouting while we stay safe and socially distance.

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Student Recruitment

Every September thousands of young people leave their home town and go off to their chosen university. Many of them are already in Scouts or Guides and some are leaders and are keen to continue volunteering. 

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Parent Guides

Parent guides are great for recruiting adults and young people. They are a brief introduction to the section, outlines the types of activities young people take part in and the skills young people will gain. 

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