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Volunteer Recruitment Workshops

Join our Volunteer recruitment workshop and catch up on the ones you have missed

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Prepared for action

A full history of scouting on day one is probably too much, but there is a sense of safety and confidence to be found in enough of the right information. This workshop is all about making sure that a new volunteer has the knowledge that they need from their first day - from knowing who to go to with questions to how to access essential training.

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Welcoming new Volunteers

Joining a friendly, functional team (no matter how small) is a pleasing experience that a new volunteer is happy to be a part for the long haul. This workshop is all about the Why's and How's of the warm, open armed welcome - we are a family after all. 

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Starting out

 Volunteer retention is key to successful recruitment, so start as you mean to go on. We know that supported volunteers feel valued, part of a team and are most likely to be having fun. This workshop is all about ensuring that you have everything in place to keep your new volunteer a happy member of the team. 

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Catch up on previous workshops

Watch a summary video to recap the key messages or get up to speed if you missed the workshop. You can also access all the supporting materials and resources


Recruitment Ready

The session will give you an overview of what’s to come in the other workshops.

Along with all the tips and tricks you could possibly need as you prepare to welcome more amazing people into your group. 

Recruitment Ready

Attracting new volunteers

How does your group recruit? Why do we volunteer? Where did our journey with Scouts begin? We are good at attracting people to volunteer when they know what scouting is all about - perhaps they were a Cub Scout once or they have children in the movement. But what if they have never seen Scouting before? Does your group appeal to people? This workshop is all about the Why's and How's of bringing new people on board. 

Attracting new Volunteers

Registering interest

What happens when somebody offers to become a volunteer? Is saying 'that’s great - you’re in' enough? There is a conversation to be had and a process to put in place otherwise they may never move beyond offering. This workshop is all about going from being interested to logging an interest! 

Registering their interest

The perfect match?

There is no point squeezing a round peg into a square hole. A volunteer is much more likely to stay for the long haul if they are comfortable and satisfied in their work. So this workshop is all about matching what we need versus what a new volunteer can give.

The perfect match?