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Talking to new volunteers

Making contact with a new volunteer? Use our tips to help you have a great initial conversation

There are lots of different ways a potential volunteer might contact you. It could be that a parent has witnessed all the excitement of a section meeting and wants to be a part of it. Or you might be responding to a digital enquiry. 

Regardless of how they get in touch, remember to:

  • Make contact as soon as possible
  • Keep it positive, informal and relaxed
  • Steer clear of Scout jargon or acronyms 
  • Communicate that there’s a role or task for everyone at Scouts
  • Prepare your leadership teams to warmly welcome new adults  
  • Have a pen and paper handy to record key details  
  • Organise time for a chat that suits them – avoiding chatting in the middle of their busy school run, for example 
  • Let them know how long that chat might last, and communicate that you’d love to find out a little more about them, so you can best support

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