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Supporting our existing volunteers

Getting everyone back together safely, but unsure if you have enough adults to support you?

When considering returning to some face-to-face activities with young people, we also need to think about the circumstances that our adult volunteers may now find themselves in. Some adults may need to shield for a while longer or may be uncomfortable undertaking face to face activities just yet, and that’s OK. No one should feel they are being made to do anything they are not comfortable with.

Some adults have coped really well with lockdown, some less so and some may have withdrawn from all activities. However adults have dealt with COVID-19 is the right way for them. What we need to do is support and encourage them to think about how else they could stay engaged with Scouting, or explore ways that Scouting could still be for them when they return.

As GSL you might want to chat to all adults in the group and just see how they feel about returning to Scouting. Find out where there may be vacancies, where you will have a full team, or where you may ned to make adjustments and allow flexibility. Then you will know what roles or tasks you might be recruiting for.

Think about the adult's work or life circumstances. Have they been furloughed with more free time or are they super busy because they are taking on additional work? One group recruited a new Chairman because the usually very busy adult was so bored during furlough, they took on the role and found it so interesting they intend to stay when they return to work.

What about being made redundant? Scouts may be able to offer adults additional skills to add to their CV and volunteering will certainly help them to stand out from the crowd in a job application. Advice about how to translate the skills adults use in Scouts to a job application can be downloaded.

Click on the links below to find some advice about how to retain the adults in your Sections and Units.

Getting everyone back together safely

Remember, before face to face Scouting can restart you must have been given approval, and you must follow the guidance online.

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