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Recruiting Explorer volunteers

Explorer leaders are passionate about giving young people a voice. They are enablers: supporting young people to pursue their interests and push their boundaries. When looking for adult volunteers to join the section, think about people you know and those in your wider community who are passionate about working with young people.   

Those working in sports or outdoor pursuits might be attracted by the variety of activities on offer to the Explorer age group, while local councillors or businesses might benefit from regular engagement with dynamic young people. Adults who have life skills to share such as cooking, budgeting and DIY can also share these skills with young people whilst also benefiting from their interaction.  

That said, recruiting volunteers for explorers is not dissimilar to recruiting to other sections so please read the ready to recruit information first.

"We turned the survey into an online form and sent out to parents. We now have a mum running a yoga session and a dad running a woggle making night this term."

Explorer Leader


Keeping your young people at the heart of your recruitment is essential.  As Explorers, they can really help you to recruit – we've included some suggestions below of how you could involve them in finding leaders.

Top Tips
  • Before you begin, check out the ready to recruit pages.
  • You could use skills surveys or local contacts to help deliver specific activities.
  • Keep in touch with former Explorers (within GDPR of course) and target them for recruitment.
  • Ask family members from younger sections (a Beaver parent might not be able to help at 5pm, but could help at your explorers).
  • Ask adults from other sections if they want to try Explorers.
  • Advertise the opportunity for adults to get permits and gain new skills.
  • Work with other Explorer units in the district to plan for district Explorer Leader recruitment.
  • Choose activities for young people that involve active participation from the parents
  • Explorers could deliver a volunteer recruitment presentation themselves 
  • When you’ve recruited, make sure you follow the volunteer Journey 
  • Recruit for a team of adults to lead together.