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Recruiting managers

Great managers aren't always easy to find – use these tips to find the right fit

On this page, you’ll find plenty of support resources, including:

  • Search packs, outlining how to find the right people to be part of your search team and all the steps to follow.
  • Vacancy packs.
  • Application and nomination forms for County Commissioner (CC), District Commissioner (DC) and Group Scout Leader (GSL) roles.

Looking for support with other roles and tasks? Visit our recruiting volunteers page.

We've added some extra details and tips about using the tools remotely, though many of these are also relevant with social distancing in place face to face.

Form a search group

Once you've selected the right people to make up your search group:

  • Set up an initial meeting online.
  • Make sure everyone's comfortable with the technology.
  • Make sure cameras and microphones work.
  • Use the time to get to know each other.
  • Think through the practicalities of the search.
  • Agree on timelines and the resources you'll send out together.

Carrying out a search

Once the search is open, and you've scoped out your local area, you might want to hold an online information evening to tell people in the group or District about the role and start some name generation.

  • Ask people to think about the characteristics needed for the tasks.
  • Think about using interactive polls or whiteboards, where attendees can take part in an interactive way.
  • Ask them to submit a name as a nomination to you at the end of the exercise or use a google form/survey to keep things anonymous.

Advertise far and wide

The next thing to consider is where you could advertise your vacancy in your local area.


Once the search is open, and you've scoped out your local area and know where you can advertise, its time to start bringing together the search group.


At the end of the Search, meet electronically with the search team to generate a long list of names before shortlisting. You could do this by working through the roles on compass as well as getting people to think outside the box.

Make sure you end up with three or more names on your shortlist and agree who is going to contact them and ask them to come to interview.


For the interviews online tools like Zoom and Teams work really well. Make sure you send out an invite with all the instructions and think about timings for the day. You don't want people entering the meeting and crashing someone else's interview so make use of the Lobby and the break out rooms. Make sure the panelists all arrive early and you give a telephone number and email address of someone that can help both panelists and applicants on the day.

Its really important to let people know your not judging them on the use of technology especially if you are doing presentations. Let them know its content not swanky power-points you're looking for.

Lastly make sure you leave time for the panelists to relax between interviews, top up their tea and to chat afterwards to make your recommendations. 

For sample interview questions please take a look at the links below: