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Four Week Challenge

A commitment free try-before-you-buy for new volunteers

The Four Week Challenge is a gradual introduction to Scouting to show new volunteers just how much they can get out of Scouting. This can work brilliantly digitally, face to face or socially distanced.  

Things to consider

  • Think about who you are going ask to take on the challenge and how to ask them- online, face to face in a parents meeting, by letter or through a phone call? Have you had some parents who have really enjoyed helping out on the family rota or getting stuck in with online activities? 
  • Remember most adults won’t have been DBS checked so it’s important that you have enough volunteers present to support the new adult at all times, whether they’re from your Group or the wider District. 
  • The new adults are unlikely to be a member of Scouts already so it’s important that they get a copy of the Yellow Card  
  • Think about the programme carefully - new adults need to be able to get involved. Small group activities can work well. 
  • Communication between meetings is important. Just a quick thanks and reminder of what to expect with next week’s programme can make a huge difference to making a new adult feel welcome and appreciated. 
  • Adults taking part wouldn't usually wear uniform but it might be nice to give them a Group necker, and a Scouts name if you use them in your section.  

Running the Four Week Challenge





What to do next?

Challenge posters and flyers

Download posters, flyers and certificates to help spread the word about the Four Week Challenge from the Scouts Brand Centre. 

Visit brand centre

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