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Family surveys

We know that you need tea makers, activity planners, tidy-uppers, and helpers for as little or as much time as can be spared. Family surveys are a quick and easy way for you to identify the skills that are available to you through the families in your Group. The surveys break down tasks, making them more attractive and achievable, and turning parents into ‘do-ers’.

How do these surveys help you?

Not comfortable in running the cyclist badge for Cubs? Mavis’s mum is a keen cyclist and is happy to help run a night. Need a social media expert? John’s brother is studying marketing at college and would love to run the Group Facebook page. Giving people the chance to help with something they love means they’ll have fun and are more likely to help out again. In time they may even join your leadership team. 

Take the time to talk to people when handing out the surveys. Explain how valuable their input is. And, once you’ve got all this amazing information, make sure you use it!

So once the surveys are back don't forget to rope in your potential go-getters and get them involved as part of the team as quickly as possible. Find a way of getting everyone involved maybe by planning a Family rota or using the 4 Week challenge. 

Tasks Survey
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Skills Survey
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Volunteering FAQs
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