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Family rotas

Many hands make light work! Why not get the whole family involved and helping out at sessions?

Getting started

  • Get together a list of regular and occasional tasks and activities you need some extra support with.
  • Ask parents/carers to help out from time to time when their children join the group. Make your load a little lighter and help them to feel a part of the Scouts community.
  • Talk to parents/carers about what they enjoy doing and whether they have specific skills your team would benefit from. Match them up with tasks and activities which will suit them best.
  • If someone can’t help at weekly sessions, perhaps they could help in other ways behind the scenes or managing the rota.

Welcoming new people to the team 

  • Once parents/carers have signed up for a session, make sure there are tasks and activities for them to get involved with on the night. You don’t want an adult to turn up and have nothing to do.
  • Don’t forget to share the session plan with them, and remind them of key safety and safeguarding information. Make sure they know who to ask if they’re not sure about anything and that they're supervised at all times. 
  • Look out for who might make a great person to volunteer a little more regularly – family rotas are a great way to identify adults you might want to ask to take the 4 week challenge and really see what Scouts can offer them.
  • And don’t forget, a big thank you goes a long way.


Family Rota Myths 

Family Rota Resources

Family Rota example 

Family Rota template (edit this for your Group at the Brand Centre) 

Family Rota handout

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