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Attracting new volunteers

Attention grabbing templates and ready made recruitment activities make it easy to spread the word

Create great adverts

Head to the Brand Centre for easy to adapt poster, flyer and image templates and get recruitment ready in record time

Use physical and digital vacancy boards to share up to date details of all the ways volunteers can get involved 


Spread the word online

Try, Volunteer Match, or Idealist Volunteer+ to connect with people already looking for volunteer roles in your area

Reach Volunteering and Trustees Unlimited specialise in promoting governance and skills-based roles

Extend your reach on social media, by sharing from a Scout or personal account on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Want ideas on how to optimise your profile? Take a look at our social media guidance


Connect locally

Share vacancies with local volunteers through your nearest Volunteer Centre - search for yours in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland

Reach out to students in your local area or try connecting with local businesses

Encourage parents, carers, family members and friends to get involved with Group Get-togethers, Family Rotas, or Family Camps; while Family Surveys and Name Generation help you to tap into all the talents and experience already nearby



Template vacancy boards, posters and more...

Design your own vacancy board and cards, posters, flyers and digital recruitment materials with our ready made recruitment kits

Create your Brand Centre resources >

Online recruitment with

Check out these live vacancies for an example of in action (formerly