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Community engagement

Playing our part at the heart of the community has always been core to what we do as Scouts

Why does engaging with your community matter?  

Whether you are looking for new funding sources or space to meet, for new adults and young people to join the group, or for some external input to your programme, connecting with other local community groups is a great place to start 

Identifying and mapping your community

Understanding your current situation is the first step. Consider two topics: population and geography.

Ask yourself some questions:  


  • Does your group reflect the diversity of your local community 
  • Is there a good mix of people from different backgrounds? 
  • How many young people live nearby?   
  • Who does your group matter most to? This will help you to identify your stakeholders. 

You’ll find information on your local community on your local council website and the Office for National Statistics website. 


Communities big and small will have wide range of organisations operating within them. Why don’t you create a map or write a list? Consider the locations of the following: 

  • Education – schools, colleges, universities 
  • Business – local independents and big national chains  
  • Charities – including other Scout Groups and youth organisations 
  • Faith groups 
  • Local government and service providers.

Check out the short video below which tells you all about getting to know your community.

Make Contact 

Unsure where to start? Take a look at our hints and tips: