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Celebrating Success

Saying thank you and celebrating our achievements!

It’s a wonderful feeling when someone thanks you for something you’ve done or celebrates something you’ve achieved. We should take the time to reward people in Scouts for their hard work and achievements. This could be recognising a job well done, celebrating a permit or top award, or simply saying ‘thank you’.


Young people

Young people in all of our sections work really hard to get their top awards and celebrating should be a big deal. You could get out the red carpet for a big awards night with glamour and mocktails, celebrate with a trip to an adventure site or an ice-cream shop. You could let the young people plan their own awards celebration. Tell their school, invite their parents and make sure the other young people in the section can join in. Don’t wait too long after they’ve earned their award. Young people shouldn’t have to wait for more than a term to get their award presented - it means so much more if they get the award right away. If there’s a large County or District celebration, then present it twice!



It’s just as important to celebrate with volunteers in Scouting. It makes people feel valued and motivated. When a volunteer gets their wood beads or earns an activity permit, find a way to celebrate the hard work they’ve put in. Get the young people involved! Celebrate long service awards too, it’s these volunteers that keep us going! 

And don’t forget to use the awards scheme to thank them for their service.  You’ll need to nominate people, but it’s easy.

Regularly find ways to thank people for volunteering - write a card, make a gift, bake a cake - you’ll bring a smile to their face and you’ll keep them coming back. 


Your Group

Every year, your Group will achieve some amazing things making a difference to your local community and the families you support. Remember the things you do day in and day out each year, recruiting new volunteers, making young people laugh, helping them achieve their goals and learn new skills as well as the big one-off events and residentials. These are worth celebrating too, regularly, through social media and every time you talk to parents and local community members. Why not hold an annual celebration through your AGM?


Ways To Say Thanks
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