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Working safely with the public

Guidance on selling, hiring, fundraising, and running community events.


Here are just some of the events and services Scouts offer which involve working with the public:  

  • Community/fundraising events run by Scouts (fireworks, fayres, sales, shows and so on) 
  • Selling and hiring to the public, such as Scout shops, charity shops and marquee hire 
  • Events run by others but attended by Scouts, such as Remembrance, festivals and pantomimes  

In many cases, government guidelines for these activities continue to evolve, and they might differ across UK jurisdictions. Guidelines will be linked to the level of the virus in society, which will vary over time.  Events can have long planning times, often with money laid out upfront, which is clearly at risk if virus resurgence forces cancellation. Attendance at many events may be down due to worry about the virus.   

Things to consider  

  • Follow relevant government guidelines and Scout social distancing guidelines.  
  • Work directly with the guidelines since it’s not practical to tailor Scout advice for everything.   
  • Consider the financial risks if events need to be cancelled.  
  • Check insurance carefully. Both Scout Public Liability and Trustee Indemnity insurance only apply if events keep to government guidelines and Scout rules. Virus resurgences are a known risk, so cancellation insurance for events may be unavailable, or maybe very expensive. 
  • We need to ask both ‘Is this OK by all the relevant guidelines?’ and ‘Will this look OK to the public?’ Where public events run by others are cancelled, we should not arrange Scout alternatives. 

Risk and mitigating actions 

Readiness levels: 

Supporting Guidance