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Where to meet and how to get there  

This guidance will help you make sure your buildings and facilities are safe when returning to face-to-face meetings and activities, and that you're able to get your members to there safely.

Where to meet

As face to face Scout meetings and activities begin again, we'll need to consider where meetings take place, as not all facilities we used before the COVID-19 pandemic will be suitable or available. You'll need to make sure that Scout-owned premises are safe and suitable for use (see guidance on keeping buildings safe and secure). We'll also need to work with those we hire premises from to look at the suitability of outdoor spaces too.

How to get there

For regular section meetings: 

Encourage everyone to walk or cycle to your meetings and activities. Where this is not possible, attendees may use public transport or travel by car. You must only travel with others where government guidance allows. 

  • Select an appropriate venue that everyone can access 
  • Consider setting staggered arrival or departure times to manage congestion at the start and end of an activity 
  • Set up a one-way system for people to arrive and leave using different exits

For trips, visits and nights away: 

If you plan to use transport as a group, then you’ll need to first ensure that it’s permitted in your local area, and complete a written risk assessment. This could be included in your activity’s overall activity risk assessment if it doesn’t over-complicate the document.  

You’ll need to consider how you will follow guidance around social distancing, face coverings and cleaning. Keep the distances you travel to a minimum where possible.