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Where to meet and how to get there  

This guidance will help you make sure your buildings and facilities are safe when returning to face-to-face meetings and activities, and that you're able to get your members to your activities safely. If in doubt about any of the guidance, please talk to a professional. This guidance should read in conjunction with The Scouts’ Framework, which explains the overall process. 


As face to face Scout meetings and activities begin again, we’ll need to consider where meetings take place, as not all facilities we used before the COVID-19 crisis will be suitable or available. You’ll need to make sure that Scout-owned premises are safe and suitable for use (see guidance on the maintenance of buildings during COVID-19). We’ll also need to work with those we hire premises from and look at the suitability of outdoor spaces too.  

When planning face to face activity, getting everyone there safely is just as important as a safe venue and programme. Travel by public transport must be done following the current government and local guidance.

Where you use transport, other than relying on parents/carers to transport their own children, you’ll need to complete a written risk assessment. This could be included in your overall activity risk assessment if it doesn’t over complicate the document. 

Your facilities and travel checklist