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Approval process: Requestor

Read about the process for the requestor

Approval process: Approver

Read about the process for the approver

Most of the restart decisions will happen at a Scout Group level, which is why we’ve given the example below. However, this process may start at other levels such as a District Explorer Scout Unit or a County-led event. In each case, the approver will need to be independent and usually at the next level up in our federated structure. For District Explorer Units, we are content that the approver may be within the same District, with delegated authority from the District Executive and Commissioner if they are assured that there is no conflict of interest.

Section Leaders, Group Scout Leaders should review these risk assessments regularly, or when readiness levels change. They should record any adjustments and send back to the District Approver when the risks change enough for the control measures to change.


Group Scout Leader and the Group Executive support Section Leaders to develop a Covid-safe Risk Assessment and check that they've been informed by other volunteers, parents and young people, control measures in place and leaders/volunteers are prepared to carry them out. 


Documents shared with the nominee of the District Commissioner and District Executive (or them directly) and if all satisfactory, approval given to restart face-to-face activity. Risk assessments and decision to approve should be recorded. 


Notification of approval passed to County Commissioner or nominee and a record maintained in a shared database which can be accessed by both the District and the County. 


The Section leadership team informs young people and parents/carers of section start dates, times and any operating procedures they need to follow. Parents or carers confirm that they understand the measures and are happy for their young person to attend. Face-to-face activities begin.