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The below resources are related directly to returning to Scouting safely in line with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Knowing where to start

If you've not started the process of planning to return to face to face scouting you need to read the information on the Getting Back Together Safely pages, follow the 5 step process and you'll be back before you know it.   

Underpinning the restart process is a framework.

There is an approval process for restarting you'll need to follow and we've got some checklists to help too.

Always check the readiness levels page for the most up to date readiness level for your location. This will include information on what you can do at the level you are in, what numbers etc.

Read what permitted activity is allowed at each level (national variations may apply).

Tools to help with risk assessment

You can find more information about what risk assessment requirements are within the Approval Process for Restarting guidance. This will explain when a COVID risk assessment is required and how the approval process works.

COVID-19 Risk Assessment templates:

COVID-19 Risk Assessment examples:

The below are three examples of how to fill out the COVID-19 restart risk assessment templates.

You can also view example nights away risk assessments with COVID controls included in the planning COVID-safe nights away guidance.

Programme and activities

There are loads of ways of managing your programme in a safe way at this time, check out our hints and tips in the Planning a safe and enjoyable programme guidance.

Planning for nights away or international travel check out our guidance. Check out the specific guidance for planning COVID-safe nights away in 2021 and the guidance for large scale events.

Planning on reopening your activity centre to offer activities? Or wanting to do some more adventure? Check out our guidance.

Creating an action plan to respond to COVID-19

Assess your Group, District or County’s situation and create an action plan to respond to COVID-19 by reading the pages on creating an action plan.

Use the action plan template while working through the below pages:

Protecting everyone and responding to incidents

Knowing how to protect everyone from COVID-19 is key, read our guidance on our protecting ourselves and others. This includes information on face coverings, social distancing, hygiene, PPE and specific to each nation.

Being prepared and knowing what to do if something goes wrong is also important. This explains what to do if someone is isolating or is confirmed with COVID-19.

Check out our guidance on the use of lateral flow tests within the scouts.

We've also got specific guidance on how first aid training is managed whilst COVID restrictions are in place. You can check out the FAQ's on providing first aid & first aid training during COVID-19.



We've got guidance to help you plan for adult only activities, this includes Scout Network, maintenance, appointment committees, fundraising and executives.

Adults returning to face to face activities need to ensure that they have a valid disclosure in place and have completed the mandatory Safety and Safeguarding training (as specified for their role). Read full details of the disclosure process.

Details of where within activity ratios / limits young leader and carers are counted, read the readiness level table for your location. 

Scouts volunteers are not considered key workers for the purposes of delivering their volunteering activities.

Audience specific guidance and keeping in touch

We've got pages to support various roles and audiences, check out the content relevant to you and signpost others who may find them useful.

  • Young people - Guidance for young people about how your local Group may be approaching their Scouts activities
  • Parents - Read the measures we're taking to keep your child as safe as possible
  • Leaders  - Outlining the process and all the support you'll need to safely get your section back to face to face meetings.
  • Commissioners, Executives and Approvers - Checklists, local and national restrictions guidance and keeping buildings safe.
  • Communication - Advice on communicating with people

Meeting places, premises and travel

We know that finding suitable places to meet and arranging travel, including the use of minibuses can be complicated, for more support check out our guidance on where to meet and how to get there.

If you manage a building you'll need to make sure it's kept safe and secure so it's safe to reopen. This includes information about use by third parties.

If you're a campsite or activity centre there are a few more considerations which you can find in our getting back into the great outdoors guidance.

Updates and changes

Always check the readiness levels page for the most up to date readiness level for your location.

You can read the latest updates on what has changed in our getting back together safely guidance.

Following a lockdown, if you've had your restart approval before, you can simply review your risk assessment and check that it's still current and restart, if things have changed significantly you'll need to speak with your approver about how to get any updates approved.

COVID-19 safety materials

Materials to help members follow COVID-19 safety guidelines. Choose from banners, posters, floor vinyls and more from Scouts brand centre.

Access the materials >