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Managing toilets and water supplies

This page provides additional information on the management of chemical toilets and water supplies, further information is available in the Nights Away publication available from Scout Stores.


Young people should be reminded to use the toilets provided (whether these are plumbed in or chemical toilets), rather than the surrounding trees and vegetation. Remind everyone that the tree they’re currently using might be one that someone hides behind during tonight’s wide game. When using any toilet facilities, everyone should treat them with respect and leave them clean and tidy for the next person. 

If you’re camping at a site without permanent toilets, we would recommend using chemical toilets, these can be provided within the group if someone present holds a Greenfield Nights Away Permit or you can bring in a supplier who will manage the waste for you.  


Water supplies

Its important as we return to using facilities which may not have been used for a while that we manage the water supply to ensure that the water we use is safe.


Nights Away Permits 

If you have a campsite permit which does not cover the management of human waste – through the use of chemical toilets and bringing in a supplier is not an option then you should discuss this with your Nights Away Adviser. You may be able to have a discussion and demonstrate your understanding of the safe management of these areas and the NAA can make a recommendation for a Greenfield or restricted Greenfield Nights Away Permit to cover the use of these things.