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Guidance for getting adults involved again

This guidance will help adults who are meeting in any setting that does not include young people under the age of 18. It is designed especially for developmental scout activities, for example Scout Network meetings and events; adult training courses where these cannot be completed through the use of digital technology; committees such as adult appointment committees and executive committees; and activity events run by or involving Scout Active Support Units (SASU). There may be other activities that will be covered by this guidance, e.g. working parties of adults only on scout campsites; or adults undertaking fundraising activities. 

Please remember that the principles remain of meeting online, then outdoors and then indoors if necessary and so we are not encouraging face to face training courses to restart immediately. 

This guidance does not cover social activities such as end of term leader socials, these activities must follow the government guidance for social activities. 

This guidance should be read in conjunction with The Scouts’ Framework, which explains the overall process. 


For young people and their leaders, face-to-face Scouting can resume when the risk level managed by the National Youth Agency (NYA), or other relevant government agency within other jurisdictions, is Amber, Yellow or Green.   The guidance for adults meeting varies for each nation/island jurisdiction and is changing over time. It's the responsibility of each adult to follow government regulations in the area they live and operate in - this includes any local additional restrictions and lockdowns. We have identified in the readiness level tablethe numbers for both adults participating in scouting activities without young people present and Scout Network activities.   

In some cases, the Scouts have chosen to set limits on adult gatherings which is lower than the government allowance, this is so we can manage perception related issues which we know are causing challenge across the UK.  

Remember the key principles relating to adults meeting that doesn’t involve programme delivery to young people;  

  • Red – online only 
  • Amber – online meetings are the preference, followed by meeting outdoors. Adults meeting are subject to the numbers limits for social mixing applying in your nation (e.g.: 6 for England) This should still be limited in time where possible and distance being traveled by those involved. 
  • Yellow - both online, outdoor and indoor meetings are allowed, with outdoor and indoor meetings subject to the social mixing numbers limits (e.g: expected to be 15 for England) 
  • Green - all adult meetings and training can take place (video, outdoor or indoor) subject to any remaining legal group size limits

The limits identified for each nation below and in the readiness level table will be reviewed regularly and we will advise of any changes at the soonest opportunity. Don’t forget, it is your responsibility to be following your local government advice, which may include restricted travel between local authorities.  Any Scout adult meetings or activities must take place at a COVID secure location and not in private homes.  

Scout Network activities must be programme activities - activities which meet the section programme objectives and take place in the normal meeting place, or one where it's clear this is organised youth work. This does not include less formal or obvious gathering such as hikes etc, for these the social gathering limits must be followed. We recommend that scout network members wear uniform, or at least their neckerchief to be visibly identifiable as Scouts. 


  • Premises that have been approved as suitable for section meetings may be considered as COVID-secure  
  • Our preference remains that face to face meetings or gatherings if required, wherever possible should take place outdoors 
  • We refer to a range of different types of adult groups. For simplicity, we will refer to the organisers throughout to define those responsible for ensuring the event is conducted in a COVID-safe manner. 
  • Face coverings may be required in some premises for the duration of the activity. Check the guidance in Protecting ourselves and others’ 


First aid training - we still recommend doing 90% online and when your nation/island jurisdiction moves to Amber you may complete the outstanding practical activities via a short COVID safe practical validation session. Full details on COVID safe first aid training can be found in the COVID safe first aid training guidance

Outdoor and activities training – where practical training or assessment is required this may be done in line with the nations guidance on social gatherings from Amber. As much should be done online as possible reducing the time spent in the face to face session. Also consider location and restrictions which exist on where people can travel to etc, reducing as much as possible.  

Approval - Don’t forget all Scouts activities must be risk assessed and this applies to adult activities, although not all will need to be approved through the restart process. Check with your line manager.