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Getting back into the great outdoors

Guidance for reopening campsites and activity centres


Face-to-face Scouting can resume when the risk level on the National Youth Agency (NYA) scale is Amber, Yellow or Green. Given the risk of infection is greatly reduced when outside Scout campsites and activity centres are valuable resources that enable face-to-face Scouting to restart safely. The following information should be used alongside the guidance issued to members for planning COVID-safe nights away in 2021.  

There may also be other opportunities to open up spaces for third party and public use as restrictions ease across other areas. Guidance for this can be found later on this page.  

In either of the above scenarios there will be a need to carefully plan and risk assess how operating your site will work, what services/activities you can and can’t deliver and how you will communicate this to those visiting the site.  

This guidance therefore cannot be exhaustive but aims to signpost advice, and pose questions to help you make an informed decision on how to operate your site and facilities and who can use them. 

Things to consider   

General considerations for reopening

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