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Doing the DofE

Guidance for leading and participating in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award during the pandemic

This guidance will help you make sure your delivery of the DofE programme within Scouts is safe and follows the The Scouts’ Framework. More Scout guidance is available on the Getting back together safely page.

This guidance should read in conjunction with The Scouts’ Framework, which explains the overall process. 


To help young people to complete their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE), the Scouts and the DofE have provided flexibility to programmed rules, to help young people to achieve their awards during the pandemic. This guidance outlines permitted activity at each readiness level, incorporating flexible programme changes. 

You can find out more by visiting: 

Any DofE activities organised and delivered within the Scouts must be delivered following Scouts rules. 



Your DofE COVID-19 checklist

  • Include a detailed plan on how you will run the DofE programme in your return to Scouting plan and risk assessment. 
  • Explicitly state that you would like to run an expedition or residential experience, with detail on how you will ensure a safe overnight experience (only in levels where overnight activities are allowed). 
  • Receive approval from the appropriate Commissioner and Executive Committee to run any part of the DofE programme, including residential experiences and expeditions.