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Covid Response – Long term sustainability

How can we make sure Scouting is prepared for possible challenges in the future? Now is a great time to put a plan in place so we can come back stronger and more prepared after COVID-19.

The pandemic has been a challenging time for everyone, but now is a good time to reflect on what we have learned and think of ways we can become more robust.

What we've learned

  • The benefits of online/alternative provision for our young people and leaders
  • The benefits of being able to plan an adaptable programme
  • Online means less travel time for meeting and training (more time for the fun!)
  • The importance of good communication with our teams and members
  • The value of Scouting within our communities
  • Training and events can be more accessible online
  • Counties/Districts/Units/Groups can work together easily online
  • Sharing resources can be a huge help

We have shown great resilience, adapted to change and supported others in creating new ideas to deliver Scouting. Moving forward, we want to make sure we are ready for unexpected changes and looking back is key to finding the ideas we can use again, should the unexpected happen. What else have you learnt and can you adapt this to make positive changes for the future? 

How can we futureproof?

Now is the time to ask the tough questions to make Scouting stronger for the future:

  • How can we prepare financially? e.g paying subs online? Put a fundraising strategy in place with reserves?
  • Have you a plan to cover membership fees next year?
  • Should some Groups close if they are no longer feasible?
  • Should we merge some Groups? Could they share Execs or GSLs?
  • Could one Group satellite another?
  • Do District geographic boundaries need reviewing?
  • Is the venue still feasible? What is the lease period? Does it need maintenance? Is it at capacity?
  • Is your Exec team in a good shape? Do you need targeted recruitment?
  • Is the programme planned ahead – can you reach top awards using the quality programme checker?
  • How is your volunteer journey?
    • How do we welcome new volunteers in to fill gaps?
    • How do we look after and support our current volunteers?
  • Succession planning - can we plan for the future and be ready for upcoming changes?
  • Is everyone still in the right role? Ask how people are doing. Some may need a role change, need to take a step back, or want to take on more.
  • Even if you have enough volunteers, are you still recruiting? Make it part of day-to-day life to always be on the lookout for skills and helpers.
  • Training compliance – are we making sure all volunteers are up to date?
  • Are young people involved in the planning and executive functions?

These questions can sometimes be tough to answer but in order to create strong and resilient Scouting sometimes we have to step back and look at the reality.

Find ways to solve challenges and make sure you communicate well with others, bringing them on board with change too. By working together and using support that is available, you can come back from COVID-19 stronger than ever before and able to give more young people skills for life.

Remember, you are not on your own. Use support from your Group, Unit, District, County or HQ as well as your peers within Scouts. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.