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Covid Response - Fundraising

COVID-19 has had an impact on income and finances for many Scout Groups. Check out these ideas for how to go about raising additional funds.

COVID-19 has had an impact on income and finances for many Scout Groups. Here are some things for you to consider. Or check out these pages, for how to go about raising additional funds.

Identify what it is you need funds for

You may need to raise funds for a range of different things: to cover membership fees, overheads, to purchase resources to send out activity packs to young people or it may be to help keep programme going and young people engaged. It could also cover a new boiler or fixing a hole in the roof! Decide what you need the money for and how much you need, before you start to raise funds.


  • If you haven’t already, start delivering programme and ask for a membership fee. This could be a donation from parents/carers, a reduced amount, or your normal fees. All will help and you can claim Gift Aid too, where appropriate. Consider a hardship fund for those families financially impacted by COVID-19.
  • Make best use of people. Identify skills and strengths. You could create fundraising champion in District / County to work with groups.
  • Set up a sub-committee of your executive committee, dedicated to fundraising (recruit from parents, grandparents, aunties & uncles).
  • Start a fundraising campaign (at Group, District, or County level). Check out the online fundraising ideas in the links and utilise social media.
  • Consider options for sharing funds available within Groups, Districts and Counties.

Gift Aid

Ensure you are registered for Gift Aid to claim and additional 25% on eligible donations made by UK taxpayers. This includes any membership fees you receive from parents or carers.

Various Government Grants via Local Authority

There were a number of Government grants available via Local Authorities. Some of these applied where Scout properties were registered for business rates (even if not paying due to rate relief) and some for Scout Groups not registered for business rates. Usually a very simple application process. Take a look at potential funding for local Scouting. 

Other Large Funders

There are a number of other organisations providing funding to support groups, specifically as a result of coronavirus, such as those listed below.

Local Opportunities

  • Find and hook up with your local Voluntary Action / CVS or equivalent. Consider registering for their mailing lists. They often have access to lots of local funding pots and can provide fundraising workshops or training. 
  • Look out for local businesses, local charity grants or Rotary grants, etc.
  • Remember that it may not be just money you need. People/organisations may be prepared to support you with labour, services and resources.

Returning to local face to face fundraising events

Scouts interact with the broader public to raise funds in many ways:  

  • Community / Fundraising events run by the Scouts (Fairs, jumble sales, Fireworks, etc) 
  • Selling and hiring to the public, eg: Scout Shops, Charity Shops, Marquee hire 

Its not practical to provide central guidance for all potential fundraising activities since the range is so wide and the legal conditions for reopening may be different in each jurisdiction that UK Scouting operates in.  There are, however, some general guidelines that should be followed: