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Covid Response - Building your programme

In order to rebuild and recover from the effects COVID-19 we need to look at how we build our programme. How can you create an accessible, adaptable and exciting programme for members so we can retain young people and grow?

There are many resources to help build a quality programme on the Scouting website. Take a look through the links on this page for some useful ideas and tips.

Building an exciting programme after COVID-19

  • Whether delivering digital, socially-distanced and non-digital Scouting, ensure it is as accessible as possible for your young people. Think about timing, location, resources and each young person's individual needs.
  • Plan and deliver a blended programme. Mix up your weekly meetings with online, at home activities and face-to-face meetings (when allowed).
  • Some parents may struggle to get the resources to take part in an activity at home so consider creating activity packs that can be delivered/picked up.
  • Use Scouts website, Online Scout Manager (OSM) and social media for ideas on delivering virtual and socially distanced Scouting.
  • When running online meetings, try not to spend the whole time in front of the screen. Get the young people moving around to complete tasks/play games.
  • Ensure the group is prepared to move between readiness levels. How do you communicate with your members quickly if needed?
  • Be flexible around signing off badge criteria and allowing more time to get top awards. We’ve added the flexibility to complete any badges and awards by December 2022, regardless of age. See our programme flexibility guidance
  • Be creative for the joining, investiture and moving on processes. Search our activity finder for investing and moving on activities for your section.
  • Ask your young people, they can still help plan and deliver the programme. Forums can still happen virtually or socially distanced and are key to getting young peoples views. Young people can support planning by using the activity finder or programme planning tool

What Districts/Counties can do to support with programme

  • Share examples of good practice and exciting programmes with groups.
  • Consider if others in the District / County can support delivery of online or face-to-face (when allowed) meetings for groups that are not able to run any Scouting at the moment.
  • Encourage nearby groups to work together and support each other.
  • Promote Headquarters support i.e. free Zoom licenses, Press-Play-and-Go, activity finder, etc.
  • Consider ways to address the gaps in accessibility i.e. digital access (rural communities/internet/deprived areas/tech access/cost of resources, etc)
  • Encourage alternative ways of delivery.
  • Continue to work towards Scout Top Awards, and Duke of Edinburgh for Explorers and Network members.
  • Ensure a smooth and easy process is in place to deal with risk assessments. Understand challenges and help support groups and units to return.
  • Continue to deliver the Young Leaders Scheme. Encourage groups to involve Young Leaders in planning and delivering programme.
  • Engage others, including Youth Commissioners and Scout Active Support Units to support programme delivery.

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Filling the gaps

Making sure Scouting is prepared for the future.

Long term sustainability

Check out these ideas for how to raise additional funds to deal with the impact of COVID-19.