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Create an action plan to respond to COVID-19

Assess your Group, Unit, District or County’s situation and create an action plan to respond to COVID-19.

COVID-19 has raised many unique challenges for Scouting across the UK. Whatever challenges your Group, Unit, District or County is facing, now is the time for you to decide what you will do in response. You may wish to create an action plan to help you. These pages are a guide to support you in evaluating your current position and identifying the areas you need to focus on. They cover topics from re-engaging families to fundraising, identifying potential barriers that you may face and offering suggestions for how to overcome them.

Don’t forget to have young people in the heart of what we do. Whether that’s programme or decision making at executives. Now more than ever, it's important to make sure Scouts is relevant and the best way we can do this is by talking to our young people.

Assessing your current position and action planning

Now is the time to identify what's going well and what could be improved within your Group, District or County. COVID has impacted everyone in different ways but understanding that impact allows us to put a plan in place to re-build and look forward to the future ahead.

When looking through the COVID response pages, use the action plan template to help you to identify strengths and weaknesses to form a plan of action. You strengths may identify opportunities for you also to help others!

Use the action plan template while working through the below pages:

Share this with your team, whether you are a Group, Unit, District or County. This will enable you all to take ownership and work through your findings together.

Once the action plan is filled in you can:

  • Use the tools that are available on the website
  • Ask your District/County for advice/support
  • Request project support from the Regional Services Team 

Identify and overcome the challenges of restarting after COVID-19

Plan for getting back together

Now is the time to reconnect, re-engage and re-energise your team

Making the most of your volunteers

It’s time to re-energise and re-engage your members and their families

Re-engaging families

Building your programme Keeping everyone engaged after COVID-19.

Building your programme

Scouting is needed more than ever – find some tips for recruiting young people and adults.

Filling the gaps

Making sure Scouting is prepared for the future.

Long term sustainability

Check out these ideas for how to raise additional funds to deal with the impact of COVID-19.