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As you start to think about returning to face-to-face Scouting, it’s key to ensure that you're communicating well with those around you. You'll need to know which of your leaders (including young leaders) and helpers are willing and able to restart face-to-face. You’ll also need to understand if parents are happy for their young people to return. Knowing this information in advance will help you develop an inclusive plan and design a programme appropriate for your section / group.  

Our priority is to keep young people and adults safe, so your restart plans should give others confidence, to know that you are operating in a COVID safe way and that you are following all Government rules and guidance. As circumstances change, you'll need to have communication plans in place to share information quickly and effectively. You’ll also need to gain consent from parents for their child to return. 

 Below are some steps that will help you develop your communication plans. 

Things to consider: